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No one wants a war! But you can make sure you’re prepared.

In this online training course you can learn in a clear way how to confidently perform life-saving actions on family members and friends, via the MARCH protocol. This is a simple and straightforward protocol with one important goal: saving people’s lives. Not just in war situations, but also in case of a serious accident at work or on the road.

  • Short, clear videos (±3 hours of course time)
  • Tips based on real-life experience in war zones
  • Practical explanations from an experienced instructor
  • Available 24/7 on your smartphone – anyone can learn these lessons
  • You can perform life-saving actions after just 3 hours
  • Knowledge that can also be used in case of an accident at work or on the road
  • Every course sold helps us support people in Ukraine by offering the course free of charge

Invest 3 hours of your time, and you will know how to save lives in emergency situations for the rest of your life!

Here you can find out what you will learn and why this step-by-step medical plan can help you save the life of your partner or child in an emergency. You will never have to stand by helplessly again – you will always know how to respond adequately when it really matters.


*The instructors of this course saved Sebastiaan at the time Source: Telegraaf newspaper, 19 December 2019

De voordelen van deelname aan de cursus

Samen met onze ervaren instructeurs, die allemaal in oorlogssituaties hebben gezeten, leren zij jou de fijne kneepjes van het vak. Na deze training weet jij precies wat je moet doen om leven van je man, vrouw of kind te redden. Nooit meer twijfelen wat je precies moet doen om het leven van een ander te redden.     

Dit is een helder en eenvoudig medisch stappenplan met één doel: mensenlevens redden.

  • Je kunt levensreddende handelingen verrichten in noodsituaties

  • Je weet precies hoe je de stappen van het MARCH-protocol (medisch stappenplan)  moet doorlopen

  • Je kunt het materiaal uit jouw eerste hulp kit veilig en verantwoord gebruiken

  • Het digitale lesboek first responder, 24/7 beschikbaar op je telefoon, laptop & computer. 1 jaar toegang. 

  • Nooit meer machteloos toekijken, maar altijd in staat zijn om op de juiste manier levensreddend te handelen in de meest extreme situaties.

  • Wist je trouwens dat 20% van je aankoopbedrag wordt ingezet om deze training in oorlogsgebieden zoals Oekraïne geheel gratis aan te bieden?

Who is this product meant for?

  • It is useful for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in an emergency situation. Think of a serious car accident, a workplace incident or, in the most extreme case, the outbreak of war.
  • It is very helpful if you would like to learn how to confidently and decisively perform life-saving actions to increase the chance of survival of your partner or child if they become seriously injured in an emergency situation.
  • The course is highly suitable for people in high-risk professions, like NGO staff, police officers, security personnel, soldiers, offshore workers, etc.

Inhoud van de training

Module 1 – Materiaal in Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

- Aan de hand van de video in het digitale lesboek ga je na welke spullen je moet hebben om effectief oorlogsslachtoffers te kunnen stabiliseren
- Je instructeur zal zijn praktijkervaring delen zoals, hoe je best het materiaal kan inpakken en inzetten
- Je gaat met je eigen IFAK aan de slag om het klaar te maken voor gebruik

Module 2 – Massive hemorrhage control

- Je leert op een basis level dodelijke bloedingen herkennen
- Je kan zelfstandig op de correcte manier de handelingen:
Tourniquet aanleggen
Direct druk toepassen met behulp van een woundpacking

Module 3 – Airway management

- Je kan een luchtwegobstructie herkennen en behandelen
- Je kan zelfstandig op de correcte manier de handelingen:
Mond reinigen
Head tilt/chin liftoJaw thrust

Module 4 – Respiration assessment

- Je kan een ademhalingsprobleem op basis van borstletsel herkennen en behandelen
- Je hebt basiskennis van Respiration letsel en hoe dit behandelt moet worden.
- Je kan zelfstandig op de correcte manier de handelingen:
Ademhalingsonderzoek, Borstonderzoek en Chestseal plaatsen/uitvoeren

Module 5 – Circulation

- Je kan overige ernstige uitwendige bloedingen herkennen en behandelen
- Je hebt basiskennis over Circulation en het behandelen van ernstige bloedingen
- Je kan zelfstandig op de correcte manier de handelingen:
wonddruk verband aanbrengen en dekkend verband aanbrengen uitvoeren

Module 6 – Hypothermia

- Je kan onderkoeling tegengaan
- Je hebt basiskennis over onderkoeling en kan onderkoeling voorkomen.
- Je kan zelfstandig op de correcte manier de handeling: aanbrengen aluminium deken uitvoeren.
- Je leert alternatieve manieren om onderkoeling tegen te gaan.

Module 7 – Head injuries

- Je kan basis oogletsel behandelen en onderzoek doen naar hersenschade
- Je hebt basiskennis over oogletsel en kan oogletsel behandelen
- Je hebt basiskennis over hersenschade en kan het slachtoffer onderzoeken op hersenschade
- Je kan zelfstandig op de correcte manier de handelingen:
Oogkap aanbrengen en uitvoeren bewustzijn onderzoek uitvoeren

Module 8 – Overdracht

- Je kan duidelijk relevante informatie overbrengen naar de hulpdiensten
- Je kan het MISTAT-format gebruiken om informatie over te brengen


The instructor: Nikki Koppedraaijer

A veteran awarded with a bronze decoration of merit. With his team he treated over 1200 war victims in 3 months’ time during the battle for Mosul in Iraq.

As an experienced team leader in the Special Forces who has been on missions in the most dangerous places in the world, like Afghanistan and Iraq, Nikki knows like no other why it is essential to master this medical protocol. You can save the life of a loved one in an emergency situation.

Every course sold helps us support people in Ukraine by offering the course free of charge.

Already, over 1,183 Ukrainians have taken the course.

Also read the article from a Ukrainian newspaper on the left-hand- side

Source: ukrinform.ua, 03 March 2022 Ewa Drabok

Interview on Radio Noord-Holland (a Dutch radio station). Listen to the interview (in Dutch) and learn more about the initiative of Save123life.

Every course sold helps us support people in Ukraine by offering the course free of charge.

Learn how to make a difference between life and death

Who are the people behind Save123life? 

Nikki & Niels

Nikki is head instructor at Advanced Forces Group (AFG), and Niels is one of the founders of AFG. AFG is an internationally renowned training institute which has supported clients like the Dutch and Belgian armed forces for years by providing a variety of education programs and training courses for soldiers.

AFG is offering its training course via the Save123life initiative to all people around the world, and free of charge to the people in Ukraine. Via this initiative we are hoping to reach as many people as possible with this online course.

The team of international instructors consists of former soldiers and civil instructors with an enormous amount of medical experience. All instructors have been on multiple missions in war zones and have even received awards for their efforts (see image).


At Save123life we believe in creating a safe society, and we fight for it. Our mission is to make ordinary citizens – people like you and me – more self-reliant and ready to face future conflicts. This all starts with effective and efficient training. By giving people access to easily understandable information, we at Save123life are trying to do our bit to create a safe society.

Pay just €18.95 now to gain access to this step-by-step medical plan in order to save the life of your partner or child in an emergency. Afterwards, you will always know what to do in the absence of the emergency services.

After completing the training course:

  • You will be able to perform life-saving actions in emergency situations.
  • You will know exactly how to follow the steps of the MARCH protocol.
  • You will be able to use the materials in your IFAK kit safely and responsibly.
  • You can use the First Responder digital course book, which is available on your mobile device or personal computer 24/7. You can access it for 1 whole year.
  • You will never have to stand by helplessly again – you will always know what to do to save lives in the most extreme situations.
  • Did you know that 20% of your purchase price will be used to offer this course free of charge in war zones like Ukraine?


  • Be prepared, so you can make the difference between life and death.
  • Learn to save lives in emergency situations.
  • Method that can be used anywhere, even in your normal life in case of an accident (e.g. at work or on the road).
  • Géén BHV of EHBO, maar een daadkrachtige training verzorgd door Oud-Special Forces

Your information is safe with us

Do you not want to take the course, but you’d still like to help people in Ukraine?

This is possible, too. We are offering this course to people in Ukraine as well. Over 1100 people are currently taking it and using the knowledge obtained on the front line. What will your donation be used for? Among other things to distribute the course among the Ukrainian population (marketing budget) and to keep it up to date for them.