Advanced Forces Group provides training to military and police officers. Together we work on educational innovation and increasing training capacity. We have a number of basic training courses that we can fully adapt to your wishes. Find out how we can support your unit too.



Increasing operational deployability is very important. Capacity challenges and the rapidly changing society are driving this need.


To meet the changing needs of the world and the high operational pressure, there is a need to increase training capacity. Through the efforts of fast and flexible training courses from Advanced Forces Group will increase your training capacity.


The need for educational innovation is bigger than ever, because the world is changing faster than ever. Advanced Forces Group has the most up-to-date knowledge because we deploy international experts, both military and civilian. This way you are assured of an up-to-date training programme.


Advanced Forces Group supports your organization by offering flexible and pragmatic high-quality training courses at short notice. Advanced Forces Group has several years of experience in supporting Defense and police units with various education and training. We use a pool of experts for the content of its education and training courses, who are specifically offered as an independently operating instruction team for the duration of the education or training. In this way, maximum support in the form of a flexible shell is provided.

Together in the frontline of educational innovation.


What does Advanced Forces Group provide for an Operational Unit? In one sentence: a training program that is supported by the high degree of flexibility and customization fits seamlessly with high quality requirements and training needs.

This way we realize: 

•   Increasing operational deployability by training trainees in the necessary knowledge and skills.

    We quickly deliver the number of BC codes you need.

•   Increased training capacity because we work flexibly with a large group of experts, we can

    deliver the required training capacity very quickly in a short time.

•   Educational innovation by applying the most recent, worldwide knowledge and expertise.

    We are working on sustainable improvement of the training because Advanced Forces Group has as much

    knowledge as possible transfers and works closely with you.

Your organization has certain quality requirements and conditions. We (re)recognize these and adapt our training courses to them as closely as possible. It's not for nothing that we are members of the NRTO & CRKBO and our instructors have extensive experience within their expertise. This ensures an efficient and effective work process in which we create the best training plan together. In this way we achieve high quality in our training offer.


•   13 Light Brigade

•   43 Mechanized Brigade

•   11 Airmobile Brigade

•   Marine Corps

•   Defense Diving School

•   Marine Training Center

•   Royal Netherlands Marechaussee – HRB

•   Defense Healthcare Education and Training Center (DGOTC)

•   Police Guard Units

•   Police Support Groups

•   Groningen safety region


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We work according to a standard working method that is based on the Plan, Do, Check, Act model.

We start a collaboration with an inventory of the needs. We then draw up a training program that fits seamlessly with the training of the internal trainer. The implementation takes place decentralized and/or in mission area.

We evaluate and improve the training in several pilots, and finally we transfer as much of the knowledge as possible to the Operational Unit and Trainer.

WHY Advanced Forces Group?

-   Advanced Forces Group has access to in-depth knowledge in educating and training military and police officers.
     The powerful combination of military and civilian experts ensures the best learning experience for your staff.

-  Decentralized training and in mission areas, this gives us great flexibility and allows us to act quickly.

-  International team in which Dutch experts and foreign experts with a comparable position (counterpart)

    optimally prepare students for global practices.

-  Based in the Netherlands, representing Dutch interests, knowledge of local laws and regulations,

    security: sensitive information is well protected with us.

-  NRTO & CRKBO quality mark.

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"Very fast and adequate fulfillment of our training requirements, and within the intended timelines we achieved our required number of BC codes."
- Colonel CM. Jacops operational unit 13 light brigade
"I think it's very positive to put people who have had a lot of experience within SF units or other good units in front of the class, because there is equal respect for it from the group. Positive & fun guidance in the course."
- student
"Our training demand is very high. With the support and commitment of Advanced Forces Group we are able to meet this, great!"