Our mission: Building a safe environment together with our partners. Together in the front line with well-educated and trained personnel. How are we going to do that? By supporting you  with educational development, realistic education and challenging training.

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My name is Nikki (left) and I'm a Chief Instructor at Advanced Forces Group (AFG). And I'm Niels (right), one of the founders of AFG. AFG is an internationally recognized training institute that has been supporting clients such as the Dutch and Belgian Defense for years in the field of life-saving actions in war situations.

AFG makes their training program available through the Save123life initiative for the people in Ukraine. We want to reach as many people in Ukraine as possible through this initiative by being able to offer this online training free of charge. That's why we need your help!



Save123life provides specialized training and education programs on various themes within the security domain. Our knowledge and skills are the highest quality and up-to-date.

Save123life experts have earned their spurs worldwide in extreme situations, operating under great pressure. With our international team of experienced instructors and consultants consisting of both military and civilian experts, we offer maximum execution power, speed and flexibility, increasing the operational deployability of your organization.

In addition to standard training programs, we also provide customized training that fully meets your training and education needs. We secure new skills and expertise in your organization and thus achieve a double positive effect: development of the course participants and the organization itself. We work on sustainable educational innovation. In this way, your organization is better prepared for current and future threats.

Towards a safe society, a shared responsibility.